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About work wages and work

  1. Regarding the following work wages, the displayed amount is the unit price.

  2. It is a labor charge displayed based on Hiace van 100 series and new Hiace 200 series.

  3. "Work wage list" will be the wage display including tax.

  4. We may keep your car.

  5. Depending on the condition of the car, the price shown may differ*.

  6. It will be the wage setting for parts purchased at our shop and other parts.

  7. Basically, we do not install "bring-in" parts or other parts.

  8. The following removal work fee is the amount set only when removing the parts from the car and purchasing them.

  9. Consumption tax is not included in the prices shown below.

  10. This is the wage displayed based on this Hiace.

  11. Parts removal work charges are set at various special prices. After checking the customer's convenience and our pit situation, we will inform you of the work reservation date and time. First please feel free to contact us.

[Regarding the above * if different]

  1. Vehicles that have been lifted/lowered

  2. Modified vehicle

  3. Aero equipped car

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