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Kazuki Auto's Commitment to "Used Cars"

person to person. from car to car.

It was someone's "favorite car"one car

So that it can be handed over in the best condition.

at Kazuki Auto

[60 items inspection and maintenance]We are thorough.



worn out partsall newto

fan belt

air conditioner belt

power steering belt

engine oil

differential oil

brake oil change

oil element

mission oil

power steering oil


wiper rubber



*Brake pad front new condition 1cm (replace if less than 5mm)

*The rear pad is 8mm in new condition (replace if it is 5mm or less).

*Battery replacement (air conditioner gas charge + gas leak check)

*If there is an oil leak or water leak, we will repair it.


"Room cleaning" "Exterior cleaning"We will deliver a beautiful car.


Please feel free to contact us as some items can be inspected free of charge.



Knowing all the features of the Hiaceprofessional mechanicmaintenance by.


[Structural change]

We also handle a wide variety of modifications.


"Long Run Guarantee"With

The warranty period is 2 years or 20000km.

*Varies depending on model year and mileage.



For customers who have purchased a car, parts discount etc.various perksare available!



For those who have purchased used cars of 200 series and 100 series

Outstanding durabilityLuxurious mat (16,280 yen including tax)is given free of charge.

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